JCET Subsidiary STATS ChipPAC (Jiang Yin) Awarded "Excellent Partnership of 2021" by Western Digital


Shanghai, China, June 22, 2021 – JCET subsidiary, STATS ChipPAC Semiconductor (Jiangyin) Company Limited ("JCET STATS ChipPAC (Jiang Yin)"), was recently awarded the "Excellent Partnership Award 2021" by Western Digital (WDC) for its outstanding IC manufacturing and technical service capabilities and 18 years of partnership. 

As the third largest manufacturer and provider of semiconductor assembly and test services in the world and the largest in mainland China, JCET and Western Digital have been partnering together since 2003 and have witnessed the evolution of storage products and the development of the semiconductor industry over the past two decades. Mr. Li Quanbing, General Manager of JCET STATS ChipPAC (Jiang Yin), said, "We are grateful for Western Digital's recognition and acknowledgment of our outstanding performance, which is the cornerstone of our long-term partnership. In addition to innovations in our industry-leading storage products, we have been expanding our investment in technology and R&D in applications such as automotive electronics, 5G communications, and artificial intelligence in recent years. In the future, we will continue to create additional innovative and reliable packaging and testing products and technical services for our customers. We look forward to closer and broader cooperation with Western Digital and our customers." 

As the largest OSAT supplier to Western Digital, JCET has continued to innovate over the years, improving product quality while responding quickly to customer needs and providing timely and quality service. Ms. Vera Chen, Director of Procurement of Western Digital, said, "Western Digital has a long history of cooperation with JCET STATS ChipPAC (Jiang Yin), which has entered its 18th year, and in recent years, the scale and depth of cooperation has increased significantly. This partnership is a result of the hard work of the team at STATS ChipPAC (Jiang Yin) and reflects the management's excellent strategic vision to seize the opportunity to grow together with Western Digital. During last year's epidemic, the STATS ChipPAC (Jiang Yin) team was able to overcome many difficulties and continued to give WDC strong support, which we want to recognize and express our appreciation for!" 

This award is an example of JCET operating around its core value of "customer focus". Over the past two years, JCET has been focused on integrating and optimizing global resources, implementing standardized and professional management, and has significantly improved the manufacturing and technical service capabilities of its subsidiaries, creating a proven operational pattern of product scale and internationalization. Mr. Li Zheng, Chief Executive Officer of JCET, said, "JCET will always adhere to the service concept of "customer focus", create differentiation and innovation with a global perspective, and achieve win-win with our customers by providing high quality products and excellent service capabilities. We appreciate the trust of our customers both at home and abroad, and will live up to our commitment to provide advanced and reliable integrated circuit back-end manufacturing technology and services for a smarter world. ”