JCET Expands Production Capacity in Suqian to Better Serve Global Customer Needs


Suqian, Jiangsu Province, China, Nov. 19, 2021 – Today, JCET Group (600584.SH), the leading global integrated-circuit manufacturing and technology service provider, announced the official opening of the second phase of its IC packaging and testing facility in Suqian. With the completion of this new portion of the facility in Suqian Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, the manufacturing capacity of JCET in Suqian will be further enhanced to better meet the growing needs of our global customer base.

JCET established its original manufacturing operations in Suqian Industrial Park in 2010. The first phase of the factory officially began operations in November 2011. With the rapid industry growth and the strategic integration of JCET Group’s global resources over the last couple of years, JCET Suqian has completed its transformation and expansion, with an upgraded product portfolio, combined with outstanding quality and manufacturing capabilities.

As one of JCET’s six global production bases, the newly expanded Suqian factory is an important addition to the company's global manufacturing and customer service capabilities. CEO of JCET, Mr. Li Zheng, said, "JCET has achieved record results in recent years and has entered a steady growth trajectory. It is a solid implementation of our global manufacturing strategy to complete the 2nd phase of our IC packaging and testing facility in Suqian. With support from our partners and customers, we believe that as one of JCET’s six manufacturing bases, Suqian operations will play an important role in fueling the group’s long term development,and will add to the development and growth of the IC industry."