JCET Continues to Expand Its Global Footprint at SEMICON Europa in Germany


Munich, Germany, November 22, 2021 --- The four-day SEMICON Europa 2021 came to a close Friday. As a leading global IC manufacturing and technology service provider (600584.SH), JCET participated for the first time in this European semiconductor industry event held in Germany. This year, SEMICON Europa was the first offline event in nearly two years since the Covold-19 breakout in 2019. JCET demonstrated its full range of advanced packaging technologies and services to European customers and partners through booth displays and their technical presentation at the Advanced Packaging Conference.

 SEMICON Europa, the industry’s premier event for the European electronics design and manufacturing supply chain, brings together industry leaders, organizations and individuals from Europe and around the world. The conference focuses on the future trends and technology applications and innovations in the semiconductor industry, and is an important platform for technology exchange and cooperation among semiconductor companies from various countries. JCET introduced its innovation of the XDFOI™ series of extremely high-density fan-out packaging solutions, which are designed to provide cost-effective, highly integrated, high-density interconnect and highly reliable solutions for chip heterogeneous integration, leading the technology innovation of advanced chip manufacturing to a new height.

In 2021, JCET has steadily advanced its strategy for a more global presence, strengthening communication and cooperation with global customers and partners, and promoting the development of the semiconductor industry. Currently, JCET has six manufacturing bases and two R&D centers in China, Singapore and Korea, with customers all over the world. David Sellers, General Manager of JCET Europe operations, said, “Europe is one of JCET’s strategic markets, and we are committed to providing better services to our customers with our global resources and industry expertise We are excited to join SEMICON Europa, and had many great in-person interactions with our customers and supply chain partners. We are looking forward to working more closely together for mutual and long term growth.”