JCET Unveils New Logo Representing the Company’s Continued Evolution


Shanghai, China, 17th December, 2021 - Today, JCET (SSE: 600584), a leading global provider of integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing and technology services, announced the official launch of its new company logo. With a new look, JCET will continue to evolve to the next level together with its customers, partners and employees.


Connect, Upgrade, Evolve, the New LOGO Represents JCET Corporate Development Philosophy and Commitment

The new LOGO is not only an aesthetic upgrade but also incorporates a series of design details to reflect the characteristics of the chipset manufacturing industry and the key elements of the future development of JCET.

l  The letters C/E/T in the new logo represent Connection, Evolution and Technology respectively, which are closely connected to form a whole, symbolizing the highly integrated and interconnected trend of the semiconductor industry, and also representing JCET’s commitment to closely connect with customers and the industry supply chain to collaborate and win together in the future. The middle of the letter "C" and the square design below the letter "E" represents a chipset, which also indicates JCET’s commitment to IC back-end manufacturing and technology services.

l  The new logo text is rounded on the outside and squared on the inside, representing JCET’s upgraded management and operational strategies - more enthusiastic and higher quality support and services for our customers across the globe, while at the same time, more efficient and optimized internal processes taken to a higher standard. 

l  The color gradient of the letter “T” is an artistic representation of the silicon wafer, reflecting the company's focus on the field of semiconductor backend manufacturing. The gradient also demonstrates that JCET is positioned to drive the evolution of the industry. 

With the continuous development of the industry and technology, JCET has grasped the opportunity to constantly evolve and develop itself. This new stage of the company’s development and its changing role in the industry have become two major catalysts for JCET to renew its logo.

Over the years, JCET has continued to promote a more professional and international management system, improve its financial structure, promote a modern corporate culture, strengthen talent systems, unleash the power of synergy among the different plants, invest in R&D, optimize production capacity, and provide first-class products and services to our customers. JCET has laid a solid foundation for long-term sustainable development with its unparalleled innovation capability and technology leadership. JCET has entered the fast track of steady growth and opened a new stage of development.

While optimizing its own operations, JCET is also playing a more and more important role in the semiconductor industry. JCET led the transition from "packaging and test" to "chipset backend manufacturing", driving the industry to re-explore the value of the packaging and test industry. At the same time, JCET continued to deepen its cooperation with ecosystem partners, universities, and R&D institutions, to jointly promote and develop the IC industry. Through these initiatives, JCET has upgraded itself from a leading IC packaging and testing manufacturer to an important force in driving the industry ahead.

“With the support of our customers and partners, the direction of our company's boards of directors, and the efforts of our JCET teams, we have been making great efforts to evolve and write new chapters to our story for nearly 50 years," said Li Zheng, Chief Executive Officer of JCET. “We have made tremendous strides in the past few years. The launch of the new logo and iteration of the corporate brand image not only marks a new milestone in the development of the company but also signifies with a new look our leap to a new level of innovation and high-quality services. This new part of our journey will also bring new momentum to JCET’s development, inspiring us to continuously create new value for customers, partners, and the industry, providing advanced and reliable IC back-end manufacturing technology and services for a smarter life,” continued Li Zheng.