Radio Frequency Identification RFID


• More than 9 years’ experience for RFID bondingmass production. Engineering Team have more than15 years’ experience for COF Assembly.

• Machine Vendor‘s biggest customer in GreaterChina. Could get the fast Support from machinevendor on site engineer. And easily upgrade theCapacity for Customer.

• Strategic cooperation between the TOP Antennasvendor and JCET.

• Strong FA Capabilities brought by JCET semiconductor background.

• The most advanced intelligent manufacturingsystem in the RFID Inlay building area support production.


• The antenna line width: 35mm-350mm        

• The antenna line spacing:≥15mm

• Roll Yield:≥99.5%

• Assembly Yield:≥99.80%

• RF Range:≤3dbm


JCET offers a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology turkey service. The turkey service including wafer level gold bumping process, wafer level testing, wafer grinding, dicing, flip chip diced chips on antenna film, tags test, and shipping as rolls finally.

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