Memory Devices
Memory Devices
JCET offers a variety of memory card formats in addition to value-added package assembly and test services. A majority of our card packaging processes are common with traditional packaging and leverage the most up-to-date technologies and processes unique to memory cards, including integrated curve-cutting, labelling, mechanical card assembly and card packaging. JCET provides solutions that utilize bare die level assembly, pre-packaged die assembly or a combination of both. The Micro-SD is an example of an integrated solution using NAND and controller die while the SD-USB is an example of bare die, pre-packaged die and SMT components. In addition to assembly, JCET offers memory and card test services, with dedicated test resources to support test development as required.
Flash Memory Card Formats
• SD Card
• Mini SD
• Micro SD
• Memory Stick
• MS Pro Duo
USB Flash Drive Formats
• USB Module
Traditional Embedded Discrete Memory Formats
• Body sizes up to 20 x 30mm
• Traditional IC Packaging process flows
• Wafer Backgrinding& Polishing
• Surface Mount Technology
• Die Stacking
• Die Level & Pre-packed Memory supported
• Die Attach with Epoxy & Film
• Wire Bonding (Traditional, Reverse, FFL, etc.)
• Vacuum Molding
• Laser & Ink Marking
• Singulation using Blade, WaterJet, Edge Grinder or Laser
• Chamfering
• Lid Attach using B-Stage Epoxy or Ultrasonic Welder
• Mechanical Card Assembly
• Label Attach
• High Speed Integrated Curve-Cutting
• Lead-free & green materials set
• Memory & Final Test capabilities
• Digital Still & Video Cameras
• Mobile Handsets
• GPS Devices
• PDAS, MP3 Players, Etc.
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