SEMICON China 2021
Mar 17-19, 2021
Shanghai, China


March 17, 2021, Shanghai, China - On Wednesday, March 17th, SEMICON China 2021 opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the leading global IC manufacturing and technology service provider, JCET presented a variety of advanced packaging technologies and products in Hall N5, Booth 5014, showcasing its innovations in the field of IC manufacturing services and solutions and its capabilities in enabling applications. Mr. Zheng Li, Chief Executive Officer of JCET, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the conference and delivered a keynote speech to share insights on the latest industry developments with attendees.

Seize the Opportunity with Continuous Innovation, Empower Development of the Semiconductor Industry

SEMICON China is one of the most influential IC industry events. As an important contributor in the IC industry, JCET has been and exhibitor for several consecutive years and is committed to promoting the development of the IC industry. Mr. Zheng Li, Chief Executive Officer of JCET, said, "Advanced IC manufacturing technology and product solutions are critical for chipset development towards high performance, high integration and high reliability. With the current historically rapid growth in the IC industry, JCET will continue to leverage its international expertise and technology advantages to provide new momentum for the development of the global industry with its global leading SiP (System in Packaging) and WLP (Wafer-Level Packaging), as well the ability to further expand the scale of our operations."

In this year's SEMICON China event, Mr. Zheng Li, Chief Executive Officer of JCET, gave a keynote speech titled "Challenges and Opportunities of Automotive Chip Manufacturing". He pointed out that more than 90% of innovations in the automotive industry are based on chips, and the current in-vehicle chip market is full of opportunities, but also presents many challenges. There are four key elements to focus on with in-vehicle chip manufacturing: technology, process, quality and awareness. Industry partners should be committed to technological innovation and promote the growth of the industry research ecosystem to drive the development of the industry.

Advanced Packaging for Smart Living

With the theme of "Advanced Packaging for Smart Living", JCET will focus on chipset manufacturing solutions in four popular application areas: automotive, communication, high-performance computing and storage with system-in-package (SiP) technology, wafer-level packaging (WLP) technology and flip chip packaging technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience and understand the role and significance of advanced chip packaging technologies for each application area.

Booth Highlights.

● Automotive Electronics: fcCSP and FOWLP technologies for driverless technology, QFN/FC and QFN/DFN technologies for new energy vehicles, and QFN/DFN and fcBGA technologies for in-car entertainment.

● 5G: SiP and FOWLP technologies for baseband chips, SiP and fcCSP technologies for RF chips, and fcBGA and HD FOWLP technologies for communication infrastructure.

● High performance computing: fcCSP and fcBGA technologies primarily applied in artificial intelligence chips and blockchain, showcasing the outstanding performance support for high-end applications with advanced packaging technology from JCET.

● High-end Storage: Focusing on multi-chip stacked FBGA and SiP technologies for flash memory and eMCP and uMCP technologies for mobile memory (Flash+DRAM).

At a time when digitalization is accelerating, advanced packaging with higher packaging efficiency, lower design cost and better performance has become one of the new engines for the development of the IC industry. As a pioneer in semiconductor manufacturing, JCET has been an industry leader in advanced packaging technology for many years. JCET takes advantage of their global advanced manufacturing and technology resources to continuously contribute to the development of the semiconductor industry.