JCET Participates in SEMICON JAPAN for the First Time Promoting its Global Business Layout


SEMICON JAPAN 2022, one of the most influential semiconductor industry exhibitions in Asia, was held last week in Tokyo, Japan. JCET, the world's leading integrated circuit manufacturing and technology service provider, participated in the exhibition for the first time, showing its innovative high-performance packaging technology and products to global customers and supply chain partners, and helping the company accelerate its global business layout.

During the exhibition, JCET focused on back-end manufacturing solutions in applications such as automotive electronics, communications, high-performance computing, and storage, covering high-performance packaging technologies including wafer-level packaging, 2.5D/3D integration, system-level packaging, and high-performance flip chip packaging. JCET also had in-depth exchanges with supply chain partners in semiconductor equipment, materials, and other fields.

For the Japanese market, a critical hub in the global semiconductor industry and automobile industry, JCET exhibited its portfolio of products and services for automotive electronics including smart cockpit, ADAS, sensors, and power devices. JCET will continue to develop packaging technologies for electric vehicles and autonomous driving requiring higher reliability and standards, increase market expansion in high-value-added fields such as automotive electronics, and further promote its global business layout.

In recent years JCET, adhering to its international vision and advanced management concept, has achieved remarkable results by implementing a series of integration and optimization strategies, realizing the synergy of resource optimization, while deepening the global strategic layout and expanding in the international market. At present, it has R&D centers in China and South Korea, six manufacturing bases in China, South Korea, and Singapore, and business operations in more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Pacific providing close technical cooperation with global customers and providing fully integrated, multi-site, end-to-end packaging and testing services and efficient industry supply chain support.

With the company's global footprint, JCET actively participated in the world's top industry events and technical conferences this year with SEMI, GSA, IMAPS, ECTC, etc. Through informative booth displays, keynote speeches, technical discussions, and other formats, JCET shared its insights and achievements with global partners to realize the market value of the company while helping to deepen the implementation of the enterprise's global strategy.