Secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee Li Qiang and His Panel Visit Changjiang Elec. Tech. (Suqian)


On May 10, the Northern Jiangsu Development Conference kicked off inSuqian City, Jiangsu Province. In the morning, Li Qiang, Secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Wei Guoqiang, Secretary of the CPC Suqian Municipal Committee, Wang Tianqi, Mayor of Suqian Municipal People’s Government and other leaders paid a survey visit to the Changjiang Elec. Tech. (Suqian). Since the Changjiang Elec. Tech. (Suqian) was chosen as first stop of representative enterprises of Development Zones Co-constructed by Southern Jiangsu and Northern Jiangsu to be surveyed, Chairman Wang Xinchaorushed all the way from Jiangyin City to Suqian City for accompanying leaders of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and the CPC Suqian Municipal Committee. During the survey, Chairman Wang introduced the current condition of the companyand its investment planning on key expansion projects in detail to guests. After listening to Chairman Wang’s detailed introduction, Secretary Li made an in-depth exchange on the background of company’s settlement in Suqian, development processes, current production and operation, technological research and development and other affairs related to the company with Chairman Wang. Secretary Li fully recognized and affirmed the company’s achievements in product structure adjustment, technological innovation, customer service and efforts in making itself bigger and stronger. At the same time, he also called upon other enterprises to learn from JCET’s advanced management approach and philosophy in pursuing the first-grade quality, and eagerly expected the companyto make persistent efforts to march toward the world-class leader in the semiconductor industry.