JCET Donates Funds to Support Rural Education Development


Beijing, China, December 30, 2021 --- Today, JCET, the leading global integrated-circuit manufacturing and technology service provider, donated RMB 3 million to  the China Education Development Foundation to support the education of Pingwu County, Sichuan Province. The donation ceremony was held at the China Education Development Foundation.  The donation ceremony was held in Beijing and attended by JCET CEO, Mr. Li Zheng, JCET vice president Ms. Mandy Ren, Mr. Jianguang Wang, Secretary General of China Education Development Foundation, Ms. She Lan, deputy county head of Pingwu County Government and other leaders and guests.

As a leading enterprise in IC packaging and testing in China, JCET has committed to various public welfare undertakings and actively practiced corporate social responsibility. JCET’s donation to the "Pingwu love fund" is meant to help the educational development of remote areas and contribute to the long-term and sustainable development of the regional economy through student assistance and teaching assistants. Additionally, JCET wants to set an example for the industry so more enterprises will jointly support public welfare and actively fulfill their corporate social responsibilities.

Mr. Li Zheng said: "JCET has always been committed to corporate social responsibility and attached great importance to public welfare undertakings. In the past two years, JCET has made great progress in its business performance and is happy to provide strong support for public welfare undertakings and give back to society. Today, we are celebrating our connection with the “Pingwu Love Fund” as we take this opportunity to further contribute to Pingwu's education undertakings in the central and western regions, and we hope to use this platform to achieve closer cooperation with the China Education Development Foundation and other relevant parties and carry out more types of public welfare activities."

Mr. Jianguang Wang of the China Education Development Foundation said, "In the past ten years the “Pingwu Love Fund” has received strong support from many enterprises and institutions has played an important role in the post-disaster reconstruction of local campuses and in improving the level of education. The love donation from JCET makes us happy to see the willingness of the enterprises to support education. We look forward to more enterprises joining us to jointly promote the equitable development of education and cultivate the future pillars of the country! "

Ms. Lan She of Pingwu County Government, said, "I would like to thank JCET, the China Education Development Foundation, and Mr. Tianchun Ye for their concern and support for Pingwu County's education. The “Pingwu Love Fund” has played an important role in Pingwu County's education development and talent training. We hope that more excellent enterprises like JCET will help the local economy achieve long-term, sustained, and stable growth through various channels."