ICCAD 2021
Dec 22-23,2021
Wuxi, China


On December 22-23, JCET had an impressive presence at the "China Integrated Circuit Design Industry 2021 conference and Wuxi Integrated Circuit Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum" (ICCAD) with its new Logo. The well-designed booth concept caught the attention of guests and visitors, and became an inevitable stop and hot spot to visit at the exhibition.

At this exhibition, JCET showcased its innovative chipset manufacturing technology for communication, including ultra-thin wafer level packaging technology, ultra-high density advanced SIP technology, highperformance flip chip technology and memory packaging technology. At the same time, at the advanced packaging and testing Forum on December 23, JCET gave a keynote speech on collaborative design and its value proposition, demonstrating the leading position of JCET in the industry.

JCET demonstrated its all-around chipset backend manufacturing solutions with a booth, keynote speech and technical seminars

at ICCAD. It also showed that JCET is evolving from its position as an industry leader to become a driving force in industry development.