JCET Begins Construction of a New High-End Manufacturing Base in Jiangyin


Jiangyin, Jiangsu, July 29, 2022 - The "JCET Microelectronics Wafer-level Microsystems Integration High-end Manufacturing Project", officially started construction of JCET's new plant in Jiangyin City of Jiangsu province. Senior leaders from Wuxi and Jiangyin cities attended the groundbreaking ceremony and laid the foundation stone for the project.


The project is a major strategic initiative to enhance JCET’s ability to serve our global customer base by focusing on cutting-edge chipset manufacturing and further integrating our global high-end technology resources. The products produced in this new world-class manufacturing facility will be focused on the high-performance packaging and testing of microsystem integration applications combining high-density wafer-level technology and high-density flip-chip technology which represent the main development direction of the global packaging and testing industry. The project will help to enable innovative solutions for a series of application areas in high-value-added and high-growth markets.

“The project is a large-scale smart manufacturing project representing the highest level of manufacturing technology and the largest single investment project in the history of China's IC packaging and chipset manufacturing industry. It will support various applications such as 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and automotive electronics, and meet the demand from our strategic domestic and international customers." said Mr. Li Zheng, Chief Executive Officer of JCET, “The project will further enhance the global market competitiveness of JCET in the field of chipset backend manufacturing and fortify our leading position in the global IC industry." 

Currently, advanced packaging and testing technology has been widely considered by the industry as one of the most important disruptive technologies in the post-Moore era and has become the focus of competition in the global IC industry. As the third largest finished chip manufacturer in the world and the largest in mainland China, JCET is actively leading the innovation and application of advanced packaging and testing technologies. The launch of this high-end manufacturing project of wafer-level microsystem integration will further strengthen JCET's industry competitiveness and create new opportunities for the progress of China's IC industry.