JCET Provides Multiple Customers with Advanced Packaging HVM Solutions for 4D Millimeter-wave Radar


JCET Group recently announced the company provides multiple customers with advanced packaging HVM solutions for 4D millimeter-wave Radar, to meet the increasingly diversified and customized demands of automotive electronic applications.

As one of the vital sensing devices for automobile-assisted driving and autonomous driving, high-precision millimeter wave radar is widely used in adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, automatic emergency braking systems, and many other fields. Reliable advanced packaging solutions for high-precision millimeter wave radar chips play an important role in ensuring the functionality and reliability of radar systems. According to the forecast of Roland Berger, 46% of the world's automobiles will have L2 or higher functions by 2025. Under the trend of the development of intelligent automobiles, Yole predicts that the market volume of automotive millimeter-wave radar will reach 10.5 billion dollars in 2025, with a CAGR of 11%.

At present, the advanced packaging solutions applied to millimeter wave radar products include flip chip chip scale packages (FCCSP) and fan-out wafer level packages (FO-WLP). JCET has a complete portfolio of FCCSP and FO-WLP packaging and testing solutions. JCET has also developed reliable solutions for the System-on-Chip (SOC) products with integrated Antenna in Package (AiP). JCET’s proprietary fan-out eWLB solution uses redistribution layers (RDL) to form the circuit. Compared with the traditional substrate, it has lower parasitic resistance, thinner package thickness, and lower cost. JCET believes that the eWLB packaging solution plays a leading role in the millimeter-wave radar transceiver chip MMIC. For SOC chips integrated with millimeter-wave radar transceivers, digital/radar signal processing, and other functions, the different requirements of the application scenarios on product performance, grade, and heat dissipation have pushed the parallel development of eWLB and FCCSP packages. For the millimeter wave radar SOC chip with an integrated antenna, FCCSP is a more suitable option.

 Caption: JCET’s eWLB and FCCSP capabilities


JCET’s 4D millimeter-wave radar packaging solutions are available to meet the customers’ L3+level autonomous driving requirements, to achieve high performance, miniaturization, and low cost. JCET has also cooperated with an industry-leading millimeter-wave customer to develop a smaller formfactor with Antenna on mold and double-sided RDL packaging.

 Caption: Development roadmap of JCET’s eWLB packaging solutions

For new product development, JCET also provides excellent technical services including collaborative package design, simulation, reliability verification, material selection, and high-frequency performance testing. For test, the company has continuously increased its R&D investment and basic scientific research and built an industry-leading high-speed digital testing platform.

 Based on the comprehensive advantages of its Automotive Electronics Business Center and Design Services Business Center established in 2021, JCET has achieved rapid expansion in the field of automobile electronics in recent years. At present, the company's automotive product portfolio covers multiple application fields such as intelligent cockpit, ADAS, sensors, and power devices. In the high-precision automotive millimeter-wave radar market, JCET has cooperated with many leading millimeter-wave radar chip makers to meet customers' requirements for multiple transceiver channels, integrated antennas, and low power consumption in eWLB and FC packaging. JCET’s automotive millimeter-wave radar products have achieved high-volume production and entered the mass-production models of many carmakers. With its high-quality services for automotive millimeter-wave radar products, the company recently won the 2022 Excellent Supplier Award issued by Calterah.

 Mr. Jung Gang, general manager of the JCET Auto BU said, “JCET provides a complete portfolio of services and technical advantages to the millimeter-wave radar market. We continue to expand our high-density interconnection packaging and high-reliability solutions in antenna integration, high-integration automotive modules, and high-resolution radar, and we lead the industry of advanced packaging technology for millimeter-wave radar-related products.