JCET Strengthens the Capability of Multi-physics Test Platform, Providing Industry-leading Chip Validation Services


JCET recently announced the launch of their industry-leading one-stop validation platform that supports the experimental validation of chips, packages, modules, and final products providing a solid foundation for in-depth collaboration both upstream and downstream within the IC industry supply chain. It will also support the upgrading of innovative technologies, standards, and protocols, as well as product development and validation of advanced technologies.


In the post-Moore era, the semiconductor industry needs advanced packaging technology to achieve the miniaturization and multi-function of system application. To reach these goals, the companies in the industry that design, manufacture, package, and test ICs need a closer level of cooperation. JCET actively promotes the coordinated development of the whole industry supply chain by participating in the development and innovative design of new products and continuously increasing their investment in R&D to strengthen the foundational platform of fundamental technology for the industry.

JCET's validation platform covers radio frequency microwave, millimeter-wave, 5G cellular and wireless communications, the Internet of Things, automotive millimeter-wave radar and C-V2X communications and other fields, as well as high-speed digital test, transient thermal resistance test, and electromagnetic radiation test. The 5G cellular validation platform is a highly integrated signal test platform that supports a variety of LTE and 5G standards and provides powerful processing capabilities and rich RF resources.

For automobile manufacturers who are at the forefront of technological innovation in intelligent interconnection and autonomous driving, JCET's automotive interconnection validation solution supports a wide range of technical standards, which can help manufacturers of automotive electronics, modules, and carmakers optimize the comprehensive validation of connectivity and reliability, and improve both network security and the safety of driving.

At the same time, JCET has built a direct far-field passive antenna test anechoic chamber for millimeter-wave antenna validation, which can support the direct far-field, and near-field to far-field testing of millimeter-wave chip antennas and modules. The 5G millimeter-wave radar validation platform includes a vector network analyzer supporting up to 110GHz, a signal analyzer supporting up to 90GHz, and FMCW generation and demodulation software.

The platform is also equipped with a high-performance real-time digital oscilloscope, which can be used to observe the quality of high-speed signal waveform in the time domain and validate and analyze the signal. For CP on-chip validation, the platform has multiple high-performance vector network analyzers, and can accurately characterize active and passive chips and modules such as duplexers, switches, couplers, filters, mixers, amplifiers, etc. In addition, JCET also provides validation platforms such as electromagnetic radiation EMI test and thermal resistance test which fully meet the experimental validation requirements of upstream and downstream customers of IC the industry supply chain.

JCET believes that the increasing complexity of chips will put forward higher requirements for advanced validation platforms and capabilities. The full set of validation platforms and services provided by JCET will help customers optimize the validation process and cost, promote higher production efficiency, and improve inventory management.