JCET's High-density Heterogeneous Integration SiP Solution for 5G RF PA to Begin HVM


As a leading global provider of integrated circuit manufacturing and technical services, JCET has completed the development and will begin high-volume-manufacturing (HVM) in China for 5G radio frequency (RF) power amplifier (PA) modules based on high-density system-level-packaging (SiP) technology.

RF PAs are widely used in various end-use products such as smartphones, tablet computers, wireless routers, and smart wearable devices. With the rapid development of 5G, the market requires PA with higher power and operating frequency, wider bandwidth, and smaller module dimensions.

JCET's SiP solution for 5G RF PAs offers significant advantages in high-density integration and high yield. The density of RF PA modules increased by 1.5 times compared to the previous generation product, achieved through process optimization, auxiliary fixtures, and equipment upgrades. Additionally, JCET utilizes back metallization technology to effectively improve the EMI shielding of the module and employs laser-assisted bonding to overcome reflow bonding issues.

For product test, JCET's validation and test platform is an important part of the solution. The platform covers radio frequency microwave, millimeter-wave, and 5G cellular and wireless communications, supporting the experimental validation of chips, packages, modules, and final products.

Vanchip, a leading provider of RFFE in the Chinese market that has collaborated with JCET for a long time, said, “JCET with its first-class technical and service capabilities in advanced packaging and test, creates efficient and flexible microsystem integration solutions for RF PA modules. We enjoy working together with JCET to continuously innovate and provide users with high-quality products.”

Mr. Owen Jin, General Manager of JCET Industry and Smart Applications BU, expressed gratitude for the trust and support from the customer. Mr. Jin stated, “JCET's high-density heterogeneous integration SiP solution for 5G RF PAs will begin HVM in China. Meanwhile, we see that SiP technology has rapidly penetrated multiple fields including smart wearables, smart homes, industrial automation, and high-performance computing. JCET will continue to innovate and launch appropriate SiP solutions in response to market demand.”