JCET's Package Solution for In-Vehicle Class D Audio Amplifier ICs Contributes to Better Experiences for Consumers


JCET remains dedicated to advancing consumer experiences, ensuring state-of-the-art packaging solutions for Class D Audio Amplifier IC products, and maintaining a competitive edge in packaging technology for delivering high-fidelity sound reproduction while minimizing power consumption.

Class D audio amplifier ICs have emerged as the preferred choice for automotive applications due to their efficiency, compact size, and ability to deliver superior audio performance. Class D audio amplifier IC find applications in various automotive systems such as infotainment systems, Head-Up Display (HUD) systems, and rear seat entertainment systems, providing high-fidelity sound reproduction. However, selecting the appropriate package for these amplifier ICs is crucial to ensure reliability, thermal management, and integration within the automotive environment.

Class D audio amplifier ICs commonly use MOSFET technology, known for high switching speeds, low power losses, and high power handling capabilities. GaN-based Class D amplifier ICs provide improved efficiency, smaller form factors, and higher power density, requiring package designs with enhanced thermal dissipation capabilities, high-voltage ratings, and improved noise immunity.

When selecting a package for Class D audio amplifier ICs, thermal management and EMI control are crucial. EMI control measures like shielded enclosures, grounding strategies, and EMI filters minimize interference with other electronic systems. The package must also handle current and voltage requirements, provide sufficient pin count for various functionalities, and ensure reliability in automotive environments.

JCET has been harnessing semiconductor package technology for years withremarkable technical and service capabilities, our expertise lies in efficiently handling thick lead-frames related to Class D audio amplifiers. We empower HTSSOP, Power SSOP and HFBP packages with enhanced performance and heightened efficiency. With the help of laser grooving technology, the cutting of GaN products can be well controlled. With our state-of-the-art thermal simulation methodologies, we ensure optimal heat dissipation, enabling reliable operation even in demanding environments. Furthermore, our innovative copper-clip solutions establish secure electrical connections and facilitate efficient thermal management.

Mr. Jung Gang, General Manager of JCET's Automotive Electronics Business Center stated that Class D audio amplifier ICs provide a superior automotive sound systems, enhancing the overall driving experience and contribute to a more enjoyable and connected journey. Moving forward, our focus will remain on developing packaging solutions to ensure reliability, thermal management, and seamless integration within the automotive environment. By offering customers a wider range of technology choices, we aim to assist them in adopting cutting-edge audio features and technologies in automotive audio systems.