JCET Actively Optimizes Resources to Meet the Demand in 5G Communication and IoT RF Market


As the market for 5G communication end products and IoT applications accelerates in recent times, JCET Group, as a leading provider of semiconductor back-end manufacturing services, is actively optimizing capacity and resources to meet the market demands.

Lightweight and portability have been consistent trends in the development of 5G communication and IoT end products. Simultaneously, consumer applications require support for more frequency bands and integration of richer functions, placing higher demands on the integration, low power consumption, and miniaturization of 5G communication and IoT chip and module packaging. Recognizing the added value of advanced packaging in the 5G communication and IoT RF applications, JCET has continuously invested in the R&D and capacity layout of high-density SiP technology. This includes breakthroughs in high-density hybrid bonding technology, the realization of conformal and compartmentalized shielding packaging structures, the construction of capability for non-standard plastic packaging, and the technical breakthrough in double-sided SiP packaging.

Supported by the mass production of 5G millimeter wave AiP modules, JCET continues to optimize and ensure advanced packaging production capacity for RF PA and RFFE modules in line with market demand. JCET has established a one-stop packaging technology platform in related fields for 5G communication applications, featuring a comprehensive patent system combining advanced concepts with practical application.

Simultaneously, JCET is deepening its global strategic layout. Leveraging its presence in more than 20 countries and regions, as well as its six production bases and two R&D centers in China, Singapore, and South Korea, JCET engages in close technical cooperation with global customers, providing multi-site and end-to-end packaging and testing services. With over 20 years of commitment to the field of communication RF packaging, the company is further optimistic about its market prospects. JCET will continue to offer advanced and reliable integrated circuit back-end manufacturing technology and services for the smart life in the 5G era.