JCET's High-precision Millimeter-wave Radar Advanced Packaging Solution Meets Diverse Customer Needs


As a global leader in IC back-end manufacturing services, JCET Group has developed a comprehensive solution for advanced millimeter-wave radar packaging. JCET has accumulated extensive experience in high-volume manufacturing over the years, and continues to apply that expertise to meet the diverse and customized needs of its customers — particularly in fields like autonomous driving, smart transportation, and smart home technology.

Millimeter-wave radar has gained substantial popularity in recent years due to its compact size, ease of integration, high spatial resolution, and strong anti-interference capabilities. It is featured in various smart applications and enjoys a broad market outlook. GUOSEN Securities projects that the global millimeter-wave radar market is poised to reach 38.4 billion yuan by 2025, with an estimated CAGR of 25.5% from 2021 to 2025.

The core of the millimeter-wave radar is comprised of MMIC and antennas. The system’s architecture consists of key elements such as antennas, transceiver modules, power management, signal processing, etc. Millimeter-wave radar packaging typically involves the use of flip-chip, fan-out, and AiP (Antenna-in-Package) technologies, which smoothly integrate antennas and radar transceiver chips.

JCET collaborates with many leading millimeter-wave radar chip manufacturers in the high-precision millimeter-wave radar market, both domestically and internationally. By offering packaging technologies such as eWLB and flip-chip, JCET and its partners help fulfill customers' needs for multi-transceiver channels, integrated antenna, and low-power solutions, empowering customers to expand their product portfolios.

ANDAR Technologies, the industry-leading millimeter-wave radar chip provider, has maintained a longstanding partnership with JCET to offer seamlessly integrated, low-power, and cost-effective millimeter-wave radar solutions for the market. Based on their CMOS radar SoC chip, the company’s newly introduced 60GHz AiP(Antenna in Package) and 77GHz AiP SoC chip further reduced the design complexity and cost of a radar system, As part of their collaboration, JCET is providing complete flip-chip (FCCSP) AiP packaging for ANDAR Technologies' new 60GHz AIP (Antenna-in-Package) and 77GHz AiP series of millimeter-wave radar SoC chips, ensuring compact size, high yield, high reliability and low cost. This approach will meet the requirements of various applications like autonomous driving, smart cabins, drones, intelligent transportation and smart homes.

Mr. Jung Gang, General Manager of JCET’s Automotive Electronics Business Center, said, "Helping ANDAR Technologies launch the market-leading high-precision millimeter-wave radar SoC chip marks another significant milestone we have achieved in this field. We will continue expanding high-density interconnect packaging solutions, particularly in areas such as high-resolution radar, to meet the increasingly diverse and customized needs of our customers."

ANDAR Technologies’ CEO, Frank Zhang, stated, “Throughout our collaboration over the past few years, JCET has consistently demonstrated dedication to excellence and maintained outstanding technical standards, earning our trust as a valued partner. We are excited about further developing our partnership in advanced packaging technology, AiP packaging, final testing of AiP products, and delivering higher-quality chip products to the market in the future.”