JCET Accelerates Construction of Automotive Chip Advanced Packaging Flagship Factory


JCET Group has recently confirmed that, following the approval of the capital increase for its subsidiary, JCET Automotive Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the first round of RMB 1.551 billion was received on February 22nd. This supports the construction of JCET’s first intelligent and lean lighthouse factory for automotive chip advanced packaging.

The automotive industry demands increasingly sophisticated chip solutions. Dedicated production lines and zero-defect standards are quickly becoming essential prerequisites for achieving industry excellence. In response to evolving market dynamics and customer expectations, JCET is orchestrating unified planning and operations within its automotive electronics business, delivering comprehensive solutions across various applications in the sector. To better cater to the needs of its global clientele, the JCET Automotive Chip Back-end Manufacturing Base was initiated in August 2023 in Lingang, Shanghai. Momentum has accelerated since then, and the infrastructure is now poised for comprehensive construction. Equipment entry is expected in the first half of 2025.

Leveraging JCET’s rich R&D capabilities and resources, the project also includes a pilot line dedicated to automotive chip manufacturing in China. It focuses on fully automated assembly and packaging solutions for processor chips used in future automotive core components, along with complete packaging solutions for power modules of new energy vehicle core components. Through innovative solutions, the pilot line lays a solid foundation for the project to become a flagship factory.

Simultaneously, JCET is meeting diverse customer demands by developing highly cost-competitive, environmentally friendly, and premium metal frames that comply with the stringent regulations for high-quality vehicles. The company has also implemented a fully traceable solution spanning the entire product process. The aforementioned pilot line has already obtained multiple national patents. In 2024, it is slated to complete the implementation and verification of existing innovations, continue collaboration with industry chain partners, and explore new materials and process solutions.

The JCET Automotive Chip Back-end Manufacturing Base will serve major domestic and international customers. The project is garnering significant interest from key players, including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and IC suppliers. Strategic cooperation agreements have already been secured with several prominent partners.

JCET's close collaboration with customers through the pilot line allows them to secure production capacity in the Lingang facility in advance. Doing so significantly streamlines the verification and introduction processes for future customer products, enabling a seamless transition from early development to mass production. This strategic move helps customers capture critical market share in the rapidly growing automotive semiconductor market.